The Silke team has been designing, building and climbing communications towers for 50 years. We’re proud of our technicians and crews, and their attention to detail. With locations across the West coast, the team is adept at working in harsh conditions and is on call to help. We have the snowcats, ATVs and equipment to get to the top of any tower, anytime.

Ask us how we can improve your site performance and decrease downtime by implementing a maintenance and inspection program. Elements of our work include:

  • Tower site facility maintenance and repair
  • Grounding system maintenance and repair
  • System diagnostics including line, connector and antenna sweeping
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Tower inspections
  • Site audits and improvements
  • Tower lighting and beacon replacement
  • Tower painting
  • Tsunami and alert sirens
  • On call services 24/7/365


Take advantage our experience in the field and let us help solve your communications challenges.
855.Go.Silke (855.467.4553)
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