Nothing is more important to us than helping customers with coverage challenges. Lately, the solutions have often been Distributed Antenna Systems, otherwise known as DAS.

A DAS uses small, unobtrusive antennas strategically placed around a facility. Basically, the antennas use signal amplifiers to help external communications systems penetrate the building. (If you’ve successfully used equipment from deep within a conference center or concrete manufacturing facility, you’ve undoubtedly used a DAS without realizing.)

The design and mechanical aspects of a DAS are rooted in radio technology, making it a natural for our team. Silke has worked on small, medium and large DAS projects, including the implementation of these networks for manufacturing facilities and campus-style businesses.

If you find that you need to leave the building to communicate with the outside world, consider speaking with Silke about a DAS. We can help assess whether it’s a good fit for your situation and assist with all aspects, including:

  • System-to-facility design
  • Project management
  • Compliance with local and state ordinances
  • Determination of all required frequency bands
  • FCC licensing, compliance and management
  • Equipment provisioning
  • Installation and testing
  • Maintenance and monitoring

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