FleetNet™ Metro

Two-Way Radio that Uses a LTE Network

Easy Nation-Wide, Wide-Area Radio Coverage

The highest compliment we can pay a communications system is that it ‘just works’ and the user doesn’t have to think about it. We all remember examples of clunky communications that slow progress: Back in the analog world, we worried about long-distance charges. In the early days of cellular, users toggled between home and roaming. Radio has always been seamless – for as far as the network would reach. Now, FleetNet™ Metro wins the day by offering all the benefits of two-way radio – with an additional coverage level made possible by LTE:

  • Expansive coverage: Anywhere there is LTE cellular coverage, FleetNet Metro radios will work – even better than cellular. How? Antennas on the radios are external and superior to cell phones, providing better coverage than what a cell phone might get.
  • Form factor consistency: While this is an LTE solution, it is not the typical push-to-talk-over-cellular (POC) device. The hardware is in a format consistent with ‘common’ two-way radio technology using RF. The equipment looks, feels, and works like a standard two-way radio, making the transition seamless for an end-user who is used to two-way radios.
  • No FCC frequency ownership or management required: LTE radio equipment does not require a FCC license as it does not utilize two-way radio frequencies. This eliminates costs in FCC procurement, management, and frequency renewals.
  • Real-time programming and nearly limitless capacity: FleetNet Metro offers nearly limitless channels, which are customizable by setting a number or an alias, depending on needs. In addition, programming changes are accomplished over-the-air, in which the end-user simply turns their radios off, then back on for the modifications to set. Plus, end-users will have the option to make one-to-one, or private calls, in addition to one-to-many calls.
  • HIPAA: Cellular technology is currently permitted for the use of communications that might otherwise be subject to HIPAA restrictions. Plus, the use of the LTE hardware provides savings for additional encryption that may otherwise be required for use of standard two-way radio communications.
  • Simple installation and low maintenance: The antenna attaches to the interior of the windshield or onto the vehicle dashboard. There is an option for an external antenna, but when radio coverage is adequate, using the basic window or dash mount antenna provides a more cost-effective installation (Consult with our technical experts to ensure the location is safe, secure and in compliance with state and federal DOT regulations.)
  • Redundancy: If a cellular site fails, the radios will automatically roam and connect to the nearest site that is operational. (Failure at one site may reduce coverage until system fixes are in place.)
  • Cost-to-value ratio: The FleetNet Metro option offers the best cost-to-value ratio, providing a robust radio with excellent voice quality for a cost that is highly competitive.
  • Cost-effective and easy-to-use dispatch option: This solution allows a dispatcher to communicate with other radio users as well as track them through a web-based dispatch console.


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