School Security

As schools scrutinize the security of their buildings, Silke has released a radio-based system that allows for single-button, remote lockdowns. SchoolLockEd™ uses a digital radio network and designated handheld radios to signal your access control panel and relay a signal to any connected electronic door to lockdown. The lockdown can be canceled with another radio cue or – for an even higher level of security – a physical RFID card.


SchoolLockEd™ can be used in a wide range of facilities. From the newest schools with centrally managed and fully automated lock systems to old buildings with just a few electronic doors, SchoolLockEd can be put to work. And we make it easy for you, working with you to customize the system based on your building’s existing infrastructure, integrating SchoolLockEd with existing control panel and processes

Why digital

Digital radio delivers extremely reliable and secure communications. In fact, it’s the backbone that police, sheriff, fire and EMS rely upon – it’s that dependable.

Testing and maintenance

SchoolLockEd integrates into your existing systems, so adds just one basic test step to your maintenance efforts. Testing can be accommodated as you conduct your lockdown drills. Of course, because each implementation is unique, Silke includes extensive testing and system verification as part of its installation. We also offer annual testing services.

How to get it

Because SchoolLockEd is very building-specific, we recommend a physical visit and assessment. There is no obligation or fee for the site visit. Based on our findings we will provide a firm estimate specific to your needs and equipment. If you proceed, the system installation is typically quite fast and creates little disruption. Contact us to learn more.

Share the news with your team. Download our SchoolLockEd Flyer here.


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