Public Safety Systems

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BK Technologies

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Formerly known as RELM Wireless, BK Technologies builds radios for heroes. The company manufactures communications equipment of unsurpassed reliability and value for use by public safety professionals and government agencies, as well as radios for use in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. As an American manufacturer for over 70 years, BK Technologies advances include a broad new line of leading digital two-way radio communications compliant with APCO Project 25 specifications.


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Kenwood Communications is a leading supplier of two-way radios and communication systems, including Digital Project 25 and Digital Nexedge. It supplies communications for Public Safety, Commercial and Industrial customers in most frequency bands. Products include: portables, mobiles, base stations, repeaters, AVL/GPS components, status, text messaging, email, voice mail, video, conventional, trunking, FM, analog, digital and complete engineering and design of trunking, dispatch and interconnect systems. Applications include conventional, LTR trunking, PassPort, MPT, Nexedge Narrowband Digital and Project 25 FM/digital products.

MPH Industries Radar & Lidar Speed Monitoring Systems

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MPH Industries is a leader in the police traffic radar, LIDAR, speed trailers, and in-car video markets. They manufacture a diverse selection of equipment, including both handheld and moving radars, digital in-car video systems, as well as Speed Monitor speed display signs and Speed Monitor Trailers.

NewMar Battery/Power Management Systems/Kussmaul

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Newmar recently joined forces with Kussmaul, and Newmar's emergency vehicle products are now integrated with the Kussmaul line, offering you an expanded selection of electrical products, including: Cord Ejects, Compressor Pumps, Battery Chargers, Inverters, Solar panels, Custom Distribution Panels, Meters, and numerous Installation Accessories, making the Kussmaul brand your largest single source of emergency vehicle electrical components.

Otto Communications

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OTTO Communications specializes in accessories for the two-way radio market including surveillance kits, wireless accessories, lightweight and heavy-duty headsets, speaker microphones, tactical, fire & HAZMAT communications equipment.

RELM Wireless

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RELM Wireless manufactures BK and RELM products. The company has become a go-to solution for issues of interoperability among local, state and federal agencies. Its RDPR (Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater) is versatile and meets the demands of most scenarios. RELM has been building radio communications equipment for more than 60 years. Its focus on quality and extreme durability guides every step, from product development to manufacturing.


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Since 1989, Firecom has supplied leading edge technology in advanced communication devices to the fire and rescue industry. From its innovative wireless headsets to rugged, durable intercom systems, Firecom has built the most trusted name in the industry by continuously developing innovative products. With a first-class customer service department and a knowledgeable dealer network, Firecom leads the way in communication equipment by continually focusing on quality, hearing protection, ease of use, and innovative features that improve fire crew safety, effectiveness, and productivity.

Sti-Co Undercover/Covert Antenna Systems

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STI-CO® Covert Antennas are the antenna of choice by thousands of law enforcement agencies for critical surveillance and undercover operations. They provide high quality two-way communication in antennas that are totally disguised, yet retain a strong signal on the entertainment radio.


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For over 30 years, Zetron has been designing, developing, manufacturing and implementing mission-critical communications solutions for public safety, transportation, utilities, manufacturing, healthcare and business applications throughout the world. Zetron has installed thousands of systems and deployed over 20,000 console operator positions worldwide. The scope and success of these projects demonstrate the performance, effectiveness, robustness, and reliability of Zetron's products.


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