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This technology provides simultaneous radio communications using as many as 50 different tower sites. It also provides networking capability for wide area mobile-to-mobile traffic. The capabilities of this system type are endless and highly customizable for each dispatcher and console.


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ModUcom provides mission critical communications solutions for utility call-centers, transportation call-centers including airport security, large business call-centers, campus emergency call-centers and 9-1-1 public safety answering points across North America.


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Sensear offers headsets compatible with the Kenwood NX5000 via Bluetooth® as well as wired connectivity for radios from leading manufacturers like Kenwood and Motorola. Sensear’s innovative SENS® technology is built in to all their products. This provides the users with hearing protection and allows them to communicate while retaining situational awareness. Sensear's offerings include

  • In-ear & over-the-ear solutions in 3 styles (helmet, headband, & behind-the-neck)
  • Intrinsically safe certifications for potentially explosive environments.
  • Bluetooth® communication compatible with radios, tablets, & cell phones.
  • Short range for groups operating within a close distance.
  • The brand new SM1R which was made specifically for use with 2-way radios.


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Offering digital and analog options, Telex is a proven leader in the field, with consoles delivering everything for dispatch communications—stability, performance, and world-class dispatch capability. The IP platform makes it simple to install, easy to expand, and flexible enough to use in any dispatch setting.


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Zetron radio dispatch systems are proven performers known for their reliability, interoperability and the high degree of integration they support. They can consolidate a variety of resources to give operators fingertip control over an entire network of critical radio and telephone communications. Zetron can supply a total communications system that includes embedded radio and telephone infrastructure, or a stand-alone solution that integrates with other vendors' products.


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