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Silke strives to offer customers the best combination of quality, features and price. We are always happy to help you identify the best solution for your particular equipment needs.

EF Johnson Technologies

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EF Johnson knows a smarter way to P25, and we are eager to share it with you. As your one-stop resource for P25, our team is completely focused on delivering the highest-quality, cost-effective mission critical communications solutions. EF Johnson leads the overall corporate P25 initiatives, leveraging its P25 expertise and focus on mission critical quality products.


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Ritron is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of two-way radio equipment and systems. Ritron specializes in cost-effective, professional-grade handheld radios, callboxes, base stations, OEM data modules and other VHF and UHF wireless communication products.

Silke Communications

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Customer needs are often so application and environment-specific that Silke takes a custom approach to repeater needs. We have many examples; just ask for more information.


Take advantage our experience in the field and let us help solve your communications challenges.
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