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BK Technologies

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Formerly known as RELM Wireless, BK Technologies builds radios for heroes. The company manufactures communications equipment of unsurpassed reliability and value for use by public safety professionals and government agencies, as well as radios for use in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. As an American manufacturer for over 70 years, BK Technologies advances include a broad new line of leading digital two-way radio communications compliant with APCO Project 25 specifications.


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CELWAVE is a division of Radio Frequency Systems. Inc., the company that has been synonymous with innovations in transmission line products for years. CELWAVE introduced sequential cable markings, designed the self-flaring, double O-ring connector, perfected foam dielectric and, most recently, announced the best environmental protection yet developed for cable connections. Whether your need is for cable, connectors or accessories, CELWAVE is your global source for precisely engineered and manufactured products that assure your communications system's integrity from top to bottom and everywhere in between.


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High quality RF system designs are more important than ever. DbSpectra’s staff of systems engineers stands ready to provide RF designs that meet all requirements for compatible equipment operation at your radio sites. Over the years, many seemingly impossible frequency combinations have been made operational by innovatively applying our basic products and building on our experience and capabilities. From VHF to microwave frequencies, we can provide special transmitter combiner and receiver multicoupler or nearly any other type of RF system to meet your requirements and provide excellent RF system performance. dbSpectra brings a fresh set of ideas to the communications industry.


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EMR's product line includes a line of receiver pre-amplifiers, hybrid dividers and amplifiers in various bands for up to 250 watts output power as well as advanced products for in-building signal enhancement applications and web-based antenna site monitoring. EMR offers a complete line of antenna site and mobile application filtering products covering the R.F. spectrum from 30 MHz to 2.8 GHz.


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RFS is a global designer and manufacturer of cable and antenna systems plus active and passive RF conditioning modules, providing total-package solutions for wireless infrastructure.


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Designed to function in extreme weather conditions, Sinclair's RF Antenna and Filter products enjoy a reputation for high performance, reliability, durability and innovation.


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Telewave, Inc. designs and manufactures high quality radio system equipment for domestic and international markets. It supports conventional two-way radio systems, as well as Cellular, SMR, GSM, Trunking, Paging, and Broadcast services. Customers include wireless system operators, public safety providers, local and state governments, and federal agencies.


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TX/RX products include analyzers, antennas, combining systems, combining systems, components, duplexers and triplexers, filters, loads, terminations and accentuators, power meters, power sensors, power monitors, wattmeters, signal boosters, tower top amplifier and receiver multicouplers and accessories.


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