We serve all of the West Coast these days, but Silke Communications was born in timber country. Our first roster of clients included many timber management companies, logging operations, forest by-product companies, mills and lumber manufacturing operations. Much has changed since the 1960s, including the need for communication. Whether for efficiency’s sake or for compliance, dependable two-way communications are essential. Yet cellular remains inconsistent and erratic in the backcountry and woods where most operators conduct their work. That’s where we continue to outshine all other options. We offer:

Equipment and accessories: We offer a wide range of manufacturers to choose from, including Kenwood, Hytera, BK (formerly RELM) and others. Our expert staff can help identify the best equipment for your two-way radio needs, whether it’s portable, mobile or for dispatch. See our full list here.

Service and maintenance: Our FleetPeak program is designed to keep your operators in motion through preventative maintenance. In cases where new equipment is required, or an upgrade is called for, we pride ourselves on fast service at our shop, your location or even on the road. Get details here.


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We carry a wide range of equipment from the following manufacturers, and many others:

Kenwood, Zetron

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