Silke has been growing with the West since 1964. Our customer base has included large and small construction companies since the beginning. Silke voice and data communications equipment is behind the scenes of the construction and maintenance of everything from bridges and hospitals to warehouses and housing developments.

Silke's push-to-talk (PTT) digital radio network is an instrumental tool as our customers schedule materials, workers and access to sites. Speak with us to learn how we can help your company save time and money while communicating better.

“Silke has gone over and above in getting my company set up with the right equipment at the right cost. The margins on our work are very narrow and there's no room for inefficiency. Being able to communicate with the job site and be en route for a perfectly timed delivery is huge. It makes our customers happy too.”


Take advantage of our experience in the field and let us help solve your communications challenges.

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We carry a wide range of equipment from the following manufacturers, and many others:

Kenwood, Zetron

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